Activities and Program

This workshop aims to facilitate an understanding of diverse privacy perspectives, in-depth discussion and identification of research priorities, and to begin collaborations with real research project plans. Because privacy researchers come from diverse disciplines, and because measuring privacy is a feat likely to require interdisciplinary collaborations, this workshop provides a valuable opportunity to bring people together and seed that collaboration.

A more detailed program will be posted here closer to the workshop. For an initial idea of what to expect, the workshop will involve several activities that span two full days:

  • Individual: Presentation of position papers.
  • Entire Group: Map out a taxonomy of existing and proposed privacy frameworks that attempts to measure social privacy. Brainstorm key areas of needs and goals in the current research landscape.
  • Small Groups: Focus on a portion of the social privacy taxonomy and more fully develop the taxonomy, identifying key issues as well as strengths. Present results to the full group, with time for full group discussion.
  • Smaller Groups: Regroup by choosing a research problem that participants want to tackle as something that could turn into a real research project. Refine a research question and plan out how this could be studied (ideally and realistically). Take the first steps in studying this by carrying out a quick proof-of-concept pilot (e.g. interview some people, pilot a scale on a convenience sample, use an email probe to get some general idea about the topic). Based on the results, refine the research plan and present results for discussion with the full group.
  • Guest Speakers: To inspire participants and spark discussion, we will have a different guest speaker each day of the workshop. Each speaker will represent a different perspective to encourage critical thinking and discussion.

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