The affiliation stated for each paper is that of the first author. More detailed information is included in the papers.

Stacy Blasiola, University of Illinios at Chicago. What Friends Are For: How Network Ties Enable Invasive Third Party Applications on Facebook.

Ralf De Wolf & Jo Pierson, iMinds – Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Researching social privacy on SNS through developing and evaluating alternative privacy technologies.

Sam McNeilly, Luke Hutton, & Tristan Henderson, University of St. Andrews. Understanding ethical concerns in social media privacy studies.

Patrick Gage Kelley, Manya Sleeper, & Justin Cranshaw, University of New Mexico. Conducting Research on Twitter: A Call for Guidelines and Metrics.

Bart P. Knijnenburg, University of California, Irvine. On The Dimensionality Of Information Disclosure Behavior in Social Networks.

Eden Litt, Northwestern University. You’ve Got Mad Skillz: Exploring the Role of Privacy Skills and Knowledge in Social Media Use.

Xinru Page, University of California, Irvine. Contextual Integrity and Preserving Relationship Boundaries in Location-Sharing Social Media.

Sameer Patil & Tijana Gonja, Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT. Synthesizing Findings of Privacy Studies using Meta-Analysis.

Sameer Patil, Roman Schlegel, Apu Kapadia & Adam J. Lee, Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT. LocasaESM: A Tool for Experience Sampling via Smartphones.

Andreas Poller, Andreas Kramm, & Petra Ilyes, Fraunhofer-Institute for Secure Information Technology. Designing privacy-aware online social networks – A reflective socio-technical approach.

Jessica Vitak, University of Maryland. Measuring Privacy in Online Spaces: Considerations for Users’ Attitudes, Disclosures, and Network Composition.

Na Wang, Heng Xu, & Jens Grossklags. Translating IUIPC into Design: The Case of Third-Party Applications on Facebook.

Pamela Wisniewski & Heather Richter Lipford, The Pennsylvia State University. Between Nuance and Rigor: Contextualizing and Measuring SNS Desired Privacy Level.


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